Mór Artists Collective Manifesto


A supportive and relaxed gathering of artists of all disciplines to connect and share ideas, motivations, inspirations, and new work.

Mór Artists Collective welcomes artists living and working professionally in the visual, performing, and literary arts in rural East Cork and West Waterford. We intend to meet monthly to share our work with one another, to discuss our creative processes and to get feedback. We will exchange ideas, and discuss what inspires and challenges us. 

The collective is named for Mór Mumhan, the goddess of Munster and the namesake of the River Blackwater – An Abhainn Mhór – a prominent feature in the landscape where East Cork and West Waterford meet.

We seek camaraderie and openness, to make new connections and enrich existing ones. We find strength in coming together and want to be part of something meaningful. 

Our members bring diverse skills and knowledge to the group, and generously share it with one another. We are curious, and support each other. We believe our meetings will lead to less isolation and more collaboration.  

Designed in response to the needs of artists in the area, the collective is a place where they can find resources about local events, opportunities, funding and facilities. We showcase artists from the region through events, exhibitions, performances and online. 

Mór Artists Collective endeavours to raise the profiles of member artists in our community, and more broadly to heighten awareness of the quality and diversity of the talented artists that live, work and teach in our region. 

Mór Artists Collective is artist-led, facilitated by Greywood Arts, and supported by Cork Co Co & Waterford County & City Arts offices. This is a living document, which will evolve in response to the needs and desires of the artist-members.