Agnieszka Krym

In her early work, Agnieszka tried various methods of expression, using the media available to her. Finally, her interest has focused on Bio-art, inspired by the knowledge of molecular biology and the latest technological discoveries. The main focus of her work is human nature. In her installations and sculptures, she am focuses on emphasising interpersonal relationships, as well as human engagement in the environment or space in which we reside.

Agnieszka completed Fine Arts Vocational School of A.F.Modrzewski in Warsaw, receiving the vocational title of Visual Artist. She then raduated from WIT, Waterford, having received a First Class Honours in Visual Art, awarded with distinction from the National Sculpture Factory and Cork Printmakers.

In 2016 she received a Masters Degree in Arts and Heritage Management, with her dissertation paying particular attention to the interdisciplinary collaboration between artist, scientist, and curator.

Her recent project” Emotional Landscape” focuses on evaluating the psychological meaning of landscape, paying particular attention to environmental impact on human emotions.