Joanne Murphy

East Cork based visual artist Joanne Murphy is a contemporary figurative visual artist, specialising in oil painting. Joanne explores her personal history through portraiture and symbolic representations which, she says, are her own personal visual diaries that allow her to reflect on her feelings, thoughts and emotions, and female themes generally.

Joanne’s art is influenced by Symbolism, Surrealism, Religious Iconography, Renaissance art and contemporary figure and portrait painting. Joanne trained as an arts educator and has been working in this area since 2001.

Her strong interest in psychology led her to complete a Masters in applied psychology in 2015, and this has been a strong influence on her visual arts practice and themes.

Joanne has been focussing on developing her visual arts practice for the last four years and has started exhibiting publicly in the last two years. During this time, she has been chosen to exhibit in various exhibitions across the country.