Manuela Madeira

Manuela Madeira is an Irish Mozambican artist based in Dungarvan, Ireland. Manuela is a portrait and figurative painter often working in oils, mixed media on gesso panels and canvas.

In her work, she explores how the local traditions, habits and customs, are often questioned by new classifications of race, gender and social economic status. Her recent work proposes a conversation around usage of traditional facial mask Mussiro in the north region of Mozambique, and its relationship between the female body and social status.

Manuela is co-founding member of an art collective, Eisil Contemporary based in Co. Waterford, Ireland, in which she has played a leading role of co-chair. Recent solo exhibitions include Fundacao Fernando Leite Couto (FFLC), Mozambique, Akazi! ATL, USA, and a group exhibition in Belgium. Manuela has exhibited in Ireland, Italy and France. She is a member of Nua Collective Ireland, a contributing artist to its visual arts exhibition platform.

Manuela holds a Master’s degree in art & Process from the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, and Master’s degree in social Anthropology from the University of Manchester in the UK. She has also attended the Rhok art academy in Brussels, Belgium, where she lived and worked in the past years.