Rayleen Clancy

Rayleen is a visual artist, living in Co. Waterford. Her practice is multi-disciplinary; materials
include video, led lights, costumes, cardboard, salvaged stained glass, recycled wetsuits,
and agricultural waste. Her research engages with a folkloric purview which encompasses
phenomenology, ecology, and hybridity in global mythologies. Courses and reading lists
include: Sophie Stand’s “Re-Wilding Mythology” course, Manchan Mangan’s book, “Listen to
the Land Speak”
and Stephen Ellcock’s book, “The Cosmic Dance”.

Rayleen’s current project conceives of a mid-Atlantic realm where humans and creatures cross pollinate causing mutually beneficial ecologies to grow in response to environmental crisis. The work is informed by a peripatetic personal history: with a vernacular that is rooted in both American and Irish cultures. Rayleen references Irish folklore and online trends like cryptidcore, ufology, intersected with early cinema, along with 16th-century manuscripts that blend biblical stories and supernatural phenomena with apocalyptic visions.